1. All Connected Festival 2022 Tickets are Non-Refundable except in accordance with Connected Event Managements terms & conditions.
  2. Connected Festival Tickets are UNIQUE TO EACH ATTENDEE. All e-tickets cannot be re-sold on the secondary market except through our tickets partners in accordance with their processes. Names on the tickets must be changed to the new ticket holder and must the ID presented. Anyone found to be re-selling their ticket outside of these conditions will have their tickets cancelled without refund and will be refused entry into the festival site.
  3. You must be at least 18 years of age to purchase a ticket and gain entry to Connected Festival 2022.
  4. Valid photographic ID is required upon entry to verify your E-Ticket and age. Suitable forms of valid photographic ID are a passport, drivers’ licence, military ID or an ID bearing a PASS hologram presented with a supporting document (a Bank Statement, Utility Bill, or correspondence from a Local Authority). Photocopies are not acceptable, and anyone attempting to enter the event or found within the event using false identification will have entry to the event refused or revoked without a refund.
  5. Door times will be advertised on our website and all tickets will not be valid outside of these times. Day tickets are only valid on the day shown.
  6. Last entry is at 17:00 on Saturday and 17:00 on Sunday. If you arrive after this time you will not be allowed into the festival site and your ticket will not be refunded. Camping Tickets will be permitted entry to the campsite and pre party arena on the Friday, with last entry no later than 21:00.
  7. All e-tickets have a unique barcode. It is your responsibility to keep this bar code safe, and private. We accept no responsibility for bar codes which have already been scanned and will not admit persons to the event on duplicate bar codes. Bar codes are only scanned once. The organisers accept no responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged e-tickets.
  8. In the event of an event cancellation, ticket holders will receive a refund of the face value of the ticket minus a admin charge of £2.50 per ticket, payable to Connected Event Management in addition to existing booking fees already charged. All booking fees and card charges are non-refundable.
  9. Without limitation, the organisers (or their appointed agents) reserve the absolute right to refuse or revoke admission to the event site or any land under their control for any reason not prohibited by law. No refunds will be issued to any person whose admission is refused or revoked.
  10. Any person attempting to enter the festival under the influence of drugs, alcohol and/or legal highs may have their entry to the festival, refused or revoked”
  11. “All persons must consent to searches of their persons or property (including vehicles/tents etc.) as a condition of entry. Refusal to consent to any search requested will result in admission refused or revoked. We reserve the right to confiscate, without guarantee of return, any item which, in our opinion, may cause danger or disruption to any other persons at the event, is illegal or is one of the items prohibited as per the list on the event website. If any prohibited item is found, entry may be refused or revoked at the discretion of the organisers or their agents. If an illegal item is found, it may be confiscated, entry may be refused or revoked and in addition, the police may be notified.”
  12. A full list of prohibited items can be found on the event website or provided on request by contacting us in writing. Without limitation, the following may not be brought into the event arena or campsite: Your own food and drink, alcohol, glass, bottles or containers (except for one empty clear plastic water bottle per person), cans, animals (except for accredited assistance and guide dogs, any professional recording or transmitting equipment, pyrotechnics or fireworks, flares of any kind, smoke devices, laser pointers, flags on poles, any item which could be used as a weapon (including large rings, belts with large or sharp buckles etc), utensils or knives of any kind, illegal substances, drugs paraphernalia (such as cannabis grinders, small spoons etc), legal highs (inc. nitrous oxide), shisha or similar smoking pipes, sticks, non-collapsible furniture, BBQ’s, and any kind of cooking apparatus, firelighters, candles, any promotional material not authorised by the organisers, any items suspected to be for commercial purposes not authorised by the organisers (unofficial merchandise, trinkets etc)
  13. The organisers and their agents reserve the right to revoke admission and evict the ticket holder from the event or any surrounding land under the control of the event, should the ticket holder refuse to abide by the conditions of entry, act in a manner that threatens the safety and enjoyment of others, refuse to be searched or comply with reasonable safety instructions from the organisers or their agents. Where there is a suspicion of a crime being committed, the police may be called and persons may be detained, in accordance with the law, for their arrival”
  14. No re-admissions or pass outs will be allowed without the permission or the event organisers.
  15. All ticket holders agree to appear for no fee in any filming, photography and/or recording of the event by Connected Event Management or any authorised third parties.
  16. The organiser reserves the right to change the artist bill without prior notification and no refunds will be processed due to artist/bill change/cancellation.
  17. Corona Virus (COVID-19). Should the UK Government, Public Health England or local government impose any restrictions, by law or legally mandated guidance. which directly or indirectly results in Connected Festival 2022 being unable to go ahead on the proposed date (RAPH COMPLETE). If this determination is made by Connected Event Management, we publish a rearranged date for the event within 7 days of this decision in line with our ticket partners terms & conditions. All tickets will be automatically be transferred to this new date by our ticketing partners. Should you wish to appeal for a refund, you must write directly to your ticketing provider in line with their terms and conditions.
  18. All purchases ticket partners terms and conditions, however where these are incompatible with any terms and conditions set by Connected Event Management, Connected Event Managements Terms & Conditions
  19. Our ticket partners may apply other conditions of sale. Connected Event Management Limited’s Terms and Conditions, as displayed here, supersede those of our ticket partners. This includes Skiddle, Festicket, Event Brite and Def Tickets.

To see our Ticket Partners Terms & Conditions Please Click On the Link Below